Will McCusker J.D.

Will McCusker J.D.
President & CEO

Dynamic management career marked by wide-range business success in operations, sales and marketing insurance third party administration, warranty service management, fine resturaunt ownership and customer relations. Innovative leader, building team cohesion and project engagement across all levels of staff, management, strategic partners, and customers. 

Proven ability to identify and maximize new business opportunities within sensitive and tightly competitive markets. Excel in high-pressure, high performance environments.

McCusker has experience working in the Federal government, Insurance companies, warranty industry, commerce, major retail, call center and currently heads a dynamic team of support agents and sales team members. 

McCusker graduated from law school in 2007 and has extensive background in warranty and insurance litigation. McCusker also has completed studies at Hillsdale College in Goverment, WWII, Federalist Papers and Consitutional Law.  Mr. McCusker is a Decorated Non-Commission Officer in the United States Air Force and completed 10 Years of active duty service in NATO, Strategic Air Command, Air Combat Command, Operation Desert Storm and was a Nuclear Weapons Specialist from 1985 to 1995 and maintained a Top Secret security clearance for a decade.

McCusker is currently commissioned in writing a book about the warranty industry and insurance companies the title is called "Warranty The Untold Story" by Will McCusker a warranty expert. 

Awards, Accomplishments & Associations

  • Member of DAVOS Economic Forum

  • Lymphoma Research Foundation

  • Fundraiser Maserati

  • North Texas Food Bank Contributor

  • 2019 Graduate of Second World Wars Hillsdale College Michigan

  • 2019 Graduate of Presidency & Consitution Hillsdale College Michigan

  • 2019 Graduate of The Federalist Papers Hillsdale College Michigan

  • 2014 Best Businesses in Colleyville Texas
    honor dateNov 2014 Best Business Society
    Awarded best businesses in class customer service and call centers.

  • Best Business Fine Dining Entertainment
    Sep 2014 Colleyville Business Hall of Fame

  • Best in Customer Service
    Oct 2012 Overland Park Awards

  • Cumma Sum Laud
    Jun 2007 Breyer State Theology University Miami

  • NATO Bosnia Military Medal
    Dec 1995 NATO - United States Air Force

  • Air Force Achievement Medal
    Feb 1995 United States Air Force

  • Air Force Commendation Medal 3rd Oak Leaf Cluster
    Jul 1994 United States Air Force

  • Air Force Longevity Medal
    Jan 1992 United States Air Force

  • Air Force Presidential Unit Award
    Oct 1990 United States Air Force

  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
    Sep 1989 United States Air Force

  • Air Force Good Conduct Medal
    May 1989 United States Air Force

  • United States Air Force Promotion Below The Zone
    May 1988  United States Air Force - 8th Bomb Wing Strategic Air Command

More information on Will is available via the Lloyds List and Future Business Leaders. If you want to contact Mr. McCusker directly you can contact his publicist press@skytel.pro  or email him at ceo@skytel.pro